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CND has a State-level Category A cargo transport port - Changzhou Yangtze River Port, Changzhou
International Airport - with direct flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand as well as more than
20 domestic cities, and immediate access to Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing
Intercity Express Railway, Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, Beijing-Hangzhou Expressway as well
as all year round navigable waterways like Zaojiang river, Desheng river, Xinmeng river, and
Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal via Yangtze. All that constructing a versatile communications network
reaching every part in the world.

Expressway view map

Shanghai-Chengdu Highway G42 (Shanghai to Nanjing; Inside CND and from east to west, there is Qinglong Ramp, Changzhou Ramp, Xuejia Ramp and Luo Shuwan Ramp.)

Beijing-Hangzhou Highway (Inside CND and from north to south, there is Menghe Entry, Weicun Entry, Chunjiang Xi Xiashu Entry, and Airport Entry.)

Airpor view map

Changzhou Airport: Grade 4E, 8km from CND center, to be constructed into an important international cargo air transport center in China Easter Region as well as a regional airfreight distribution center;

Nanjing Lukou International Airport: 110km from CND center;

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport: 160km from CND center;

Shanghai Pudong International Airport: 230km from CND center;

railway view map

Shanghai-Naning Intercity Express Railway: passenger only, 5 stations in Changzhou, 10km from CND center;

Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway Changzhou North Station, passenger only, is located inside CND New downtown – Xinlong International Business Town;

waterways view map

Ocean going freight: Changzhou Yangtze River Port, a State-level category A port, 12km from CND center. It has the handling capacities for containers, bulk goods, petroleum and liquid chemical and comprehensive handling capacity. 

Jiangyin Port: 26km from CND center;

Zhangjiagang Port: 48km from CND center;

Nanjing Port: 120km from CND center; 

Shanghai Port: 180km from CND center; 

Shanghai Yangshan Port: 220km from CND center;


Changzhou Customs House: 6km from CND center;

Changzhou Jiaxun Logistics Center: having the Customs control station for through type channel, bonded warehouse, the Customs supervision station, and storage areas. It has the function of customs clearance for landway port including customs declaration, examination, three-inspection, goods delivery, and etc.

Airport Logistics: taking advantages of the Airport Industrial Park, its business features air transportation covering sectors for bonded logistics, e-commerce, coal-chain transportation, etc. Currently, there is SF Logistics, Yupei E-commerce Logistics, Global Logistics Properties, Chengtong Comprehensive Logistics Center, and D&J Industrial Warehouse, etc.