Industrial Base

Changzhou has been long known as the “Town of Equipment”. Hi-end equipment manufacturing including rail transit, motor vehicle and accessories, agricultural & engineering machinery, solar photovoltaic, carbon material, new medicine, new light source, general aviation, smart power grids, intelligent CNC and robot industry, namely ”ten industrial chains”.

With the trend of economic globalization, many world famous enterprises and transnational companies have set up their facilities in CND, so that CND is taking a leading position in economic growth not only in the whole city of Changzhou but also in the Yangtze River Delta in terms of regional economic development pace, and investment quality, return rate and potential. In particular, CND now has 1,600 foreign companies, of which over 42.6% are from European and American countries. An international business atmosphere has been formed and these investors continue to expand the business scales and scopes. With this environment, it is easier for any new enterprise to launch and develop business in CND.