The vocational education in Changzhou ranks among the first in China, greatly lifting the quality of the labor force. In the whole city there are now 19 general colleges on vocational education, 17 Secondary Technical School, and 8 Technician Training School. The Changzhou Science and Education Town boasts a modern industrial center, which is running a magnificently equipped facilities and providing successfully hand-on training for 13 practical skills covering CNC, modeling, welding, auto, electric IT, computer network, cartoon animation, etc. It features the tailor-training program for about 40,000 to 50,000 students on yearly basis. It represents a strong support to enterprises with stable, high quality and skilled labor farce.

Talents Attraction Program: the whole city of Changzhou has introduced about 70,000 technical personnel on various special skills and sectors. During the 12th Five Plan period, CND introduced 455 innovative pioneering talents through the implementation of “Changzhou Talents Program” and 85 Experts through the Stale-level “Thousand Talents Program”, all that ranking the second position among all those development zones inside Jiangsu province.