CND Introduction

The glories and confidence is turned into reality right here.

One supreme regional economic plate – Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (CND) is rapidly growing on the magnificent domain of the Yangtze River Delta. From a piece of virgin land to a modern livable and ecological new town in metropolitan areas. The glories and confidence is turned into reality right here.

Our History

In August, 1992, CND officially launched its construction amidst the surging tide of China's economic development, forging ahead toward the immense global market with all the courage and wisdom. After 23 years of innovative development with the superb strategic vision, CND is positioned on international metropolis status.

CND covers an area of 508.94 km2. It is among the first batch of the new and high-tech development zones with the State-level status. It is playing a key role in economic strategy in terms of nationwide deployment for development as a whole, escorting the Yangtze River Delta to accelerate step by step. It is awarded many honorary titles including "Fastest Development High-Tech Zone", "Advanced State-level High-Tech Zone", "China Eastern Regions' Most Competitive Zone", "No. 1 of the Top 10 2011 China Most Potential Park" and etc.

Our Geographic Position

CND is strategically located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, which generates 22.5 per cent of China's total GDP and forms the sixth largest metropolitan area in the world. It is just 163 kilometers west of Shanghai, 103 kilometers east of Nanjing, and 170 kilometers north of Hangzhou. CND plays an important role in the grand political & economic arena in China. A unique geographic and historic location allows for CND to well develop outward alliance and ties. Beijing - Shanghai Express Railway, Shanghai - Nanjing Intercity Express Railway, 6 Expressways including Beijing - Hangzhou Expressway, Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, traverse through the district. Within 1 hour driving distance, it will reach Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, merging into the atmosphere and landscape there for enjoyable life, communication, commerce, and tourism.

Our Industrial Structure and Development

CND is accelerating the pace and intensifying the efforts on construction of industrial base, making bigger and stronger its 8 industrial chains including the equipment manufacturing, new materials, general aviation, PV and new energy resources, life health industry, cultural creative industry, smart science and technical innovation, and modern agriculture, and forging ahead systematic and innovative development in the industrialization drive.

Currently, there are over 10,000 enterprises in CND, of which 5,000 are in manufacturing sector, 1,600 strong are foreign-invested companies with contractual FDI over USD 25.0 billion in aggregation. Increasingly more world leading companies, more and more SME clusters, innovative service and IT entities are regiested with CND, and achieving rapid progresses and technical renovations. In CND, the hi-tech economic platform includes Binjiang Economic Zone, Airport Industrial Park, PV New Energy Industrial Park, Life Health Industrial Park, Cultural Creative Industrial Base, China International Sensors Valley. In addition to that, CND has Changzhou Comprehensive Boned Zone, Xinlong International Business Town, etc.all that being the embodiment for advanced manufacturing activitites, modern services and high- efficient eco-agriculture in CND. City is an assembly of cultures, a birthplace of civilization. To allow for the city dwellers living a better life is an aspiration as well as the true value of the city.

CND Investment Guidedownload

Inaugurate: 1992
Status: Approved by China's Central Government as a "National Level Hi -tech Park"
Certificate: ISO14001
Number of companies: Registered company:10,000
Industrial company: 5,000
Foreign invested company: 1,500
Fortune 500: 32