Comments From Investors

  • Russ J·Montgomery

    VP & Global

    Manufacturing Director

    Ashland Inc.

    For more than a decade, Ashland has found Changzhou to be an attractive location for continued investment. There are many reasons, including the local government’s one-stop service, a convenient transportation system and a large talent pool. Our success in the region would not be possible without the considerable support and expertise provided by the local government. Their guidance has been instrumental in helping Ashland build its business in China. On behalf of everyone at Ashland, I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to Changzhou City Government and Changzhou National High-Tech District Administrative Committee for its long-lasting support and service to Ashland over the years. We look forward to working together as we build our business and support continued investment in Changzhou.

  • Zhu Zhenhua

    General Manger

    China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited

    Since entering Changzhou, China Resources Chemicals Holdings Limited established PET bottle chip production base in Changzhou, cooperate with local government to develop liquid petroleum and chemical terminal and storage logistics project. With good investment environment and brilliant service, we establish a trust in Changzhou and have long-term confidence in the future.

  • Martin Kraemer


    LANXESS Greater China

    I would like to specifically recognize the tremendous support of the Changzhou Municipal Government,the Changzhou National Hi-Tech District and our long-term partners at the Changzhou Yangtze Riverside Industrial Park. They have made today possible by providing us with their support. Therefore, we look forward to an excellent future together – for CND, for LANXESS, for Changzhou, and for China.

  • Mr. Simon Kothmeier

    General Manger

    FoamPartner Bock (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

    We decided to invest in Changzhou as we believe that Changzhou offers outstanding opportunities for us for the long-term successful development of our company. First there is the proximity to our key market – the automotive industry – in Shanghai. Even cars are build all over China, Changzhou is in the centre of North and South. Highway connection – and therefore transportation to all 4 directions is good, also the Airport – even small – allows us to go on business trips to our main customers. For business trips to Northeast China or Guangzhou there is no need to go to Shanghai first.

    Second decisive factor is the raw material supply situations. Most of our raw materials are produced either in Shanghai or Nanjing, Changzhou – again - is here conveniently located in the middle.

    As a third point there is the topic of human resource. Changzhou as an University City and with many technical schools has a large potential of well educated young employees. We do not need a lot of labour here but our machines need to be operated by skilled employees. We often hear complaints from foreign companies that invested in larger cities that they can not find skilled employees. So far we did not have any problems here in Changzhou to fill a position.

    Last but not least we got only positive reference from other investors. One of our parent companies is Swiss based. Changzhou has a considerable amount of Swiss investments. Back in Switzerland we had the chance to speak to the management of companies like Rieter, Mettler Toledo and we only got good references from them.

    All those factors create trust and a the fertile soil for a fruitful long-term company development. However one can get an additional bonus here. The investment bureau is really helpful and efficient with their support in setting up the company. the CND government helps to coordinate and solve operational problems even after our company's establishment. We are glad to have a project manager from the government to call on whenever we have problems.

  • Mark k.Klossner

    Vice president

    Altra Group

    “When we decided to build a new facility in China, we wanted to choose a location that met our many business needs and that was represented by a team that shared our philosophy of commitment, service, and support. We visited many sites in the great shanghai area in order to determine the best location for our new facility. While all the sites and the development teams representing those sites were very good, it was clear to us that CND was the best choice for Altra’s new facility. We found many foreign companies in similar industries already operating in CND utilizing a well-trained local workforce and many knowledgeable local supplier that could support our business.

    Most importantly, it was the support and commitment offered by the entire CND team that gave us the confidence to select this site for our new facility. We are very grateful for the continued support of the entire CND staff——without your hard working and commitment we would not be standing here today celebrating this very special occasion.”

  • Sam Tian

    Managing Director

    Modine Thermal Systems (Changzhou) Company

    The infrastructure and local polices are very attractive to foreign investors. The location is ideal-it’s only one hour to Shanghai. From a logistics standpoint, it’s very near several Modine customers that are located in this area, the Yangtze Delta region. And the supply chain in the Yangtze River Delta region is very mature. Most of our suppliers are not very far away from us—one hour, maybe three hours for others. One of our biggest supplier, Alcoa, is only about one hour away, which is very convenient for us.”