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Any requirements regarding the investment density?

Based on the Jiangsu Provincial document: SU ZHENG FA [2004] No. 54 《Circular of Jiangsu Provincial Government about Enhancing the Efforts on Intensive Utilization of Land》, development zones in Changzhou shall comply with an investment intensity normally no less than Rmb 2.50 million / mu.

About the regulations governing the land use right grant and/or transfer
  • The development zone performs the formalities for granting and/or transferring of the State-owned land use right with compensations, and encourages both local and foreign investors to conduct investment.
  • Both local and foreign investors shall follow the document《Provisional Rules Governing the Granting and /or Transferring of the State-owned Land Use Right in Urban and Town Areas of Changzhou City 》 in the utilization of land inside this zone. In maximum, the land use right grant will be valid for 70 years, in particular, for industrial use, cultural, education or health purposes, and etc., normally no more than 50 years; for commercial use, amusement, tourism, and etc., normally no more than 40 years; for real estate development, no more than 70 years.
  • the local enterprise can utilize its properly acquired State-owned land use right as its investment or condition in cooperation with foreign investors to jointly incorporate development company for the development.
  • The granted land use right, when properly acquired, can be transferred, donated, leased, mortgaged, and inherited by legitimate successor during the period of valid of the land use right grant contract.
  • The utilization of land shall comply with the overall planning of the development zone, the requirements on the environmental protection and the planning management over the zone industries.
How to conduct the foreign investor’s qualification document and attesting document?
  • The foreign investor’s qualification document ( business license / an equivalent document of the foreign investor, or the ID of a natural person) shall be issued by the competent authorities, notary or legal firm of the investor's original country. Said documents should be attested by Chinese Embassy in said country, provided said country does not have diplomatic relations with P.R.China.
  • The foreign investor’s original qualification and attesting documents submitted by the foreign investor to the approving and registry authorities shall include, among other things, complete shareholder(s)’ information with the corresponding current effective shares position.
  • Natural person of a foreign country coming to CND to invest, shall submit the passport (origin); Natural person from HK or Macau special administrative regions, shall submit the original permanent residence document and /or original HK/Macau Resident Certificate for Travel in the Mainland China; Natural person from Taiwan, shall submit the original Taiwan Compatriot’s Certificate; For overseas Chinese coming to make investment in CND, he shall submit the original passport and/or residence document issued by his residence country. In all of the above cases, there is no more need for notary process or attesting document.