Brief Today
2016 04.14
Ashland Gelcoats, Second Plant in Changzhou, held Opening Ce

On August 8, 2013,Ashland Inc., a Fortune Global 500 company, held the grand opening ceremony for Ashland Changzhou Gelcoats Plant in Changzhou Binjiang Economic Development Zone. Mr. Dai Yuan, Vice Party Secretary of CPC Changzhou Committee, Mr. Ted Harris, Ashland Senior Vice President and 200 guests from home and broad attended this event. It is the second large investment by Ashland Inc. in Changzhou.

As the global leader in specialty chemicals, Ashland Inc. already has two production bases here – Ashland (Changzhou) Advanced Chemical Co., Ltd. and Ashland (Changzhou) Special Chemical Co., Ltd. .

Ashland Changzhou Gelcoats Plant mainly provides for China and the Asia-Pacific region with gelcoats and adhesives for the high-end users and those with special requirement. These customers include sanitary ware, ship making, communication and transportation, wind energy and industrial product. This plant also provides adhesives for the customers of wind energy and ship industries, fire-retardant resins for wind energy and communications and transportation industries, and PHE for composite sheet material molds industry. The design capacity of this new plant is 10,000 ton of gelcoats and 2,000 ton of adhesives a year.

On behalf of Changzhou Municipal Government, Vice Secretary Dai Yuan made a speech at the ceremony. He extended congratulations on the opening of Ashland Gelcoats Plant in Changzhou and best wishes for prosperous business and smooth development of Ashland in CND.

Ashland Senior Vice President Ted Harris expressed gratitude for the great support provided by local government at various levels in Changzhou and confirmed the commitment that Ashland Changzhou Gelcoats Plant would spare no efforts to satisfy the increasing demand of the customers for the gelcoat products and to make its contribution for upgrading of the composite material industry in China.

Mr. Hu Zhu, Deputy Secretary-general of CPC Changzhou Committee, Mr. Wu Xiaodong, President of CND Administrative Committee, and Mr. Wang Yuwei, Vice President of CND Administrative Committee were present at the ceremony.