Brief Today
2016 04.14
2013 Seminar for Promotion of Changzhou Industrial Parks held

Organized by Changzhou municipal government, “2013 (Shanghai) Seminar for Promotion of Changzhou Industrial Parks”was held in Shanghai on August 21, 2013. This event is focused on promotion of the urban environment, strategic industrial strengths and governmental considerate service capabilities in Changzhou. It is a great success for further expansion of scope and scale of win-win cooperation.  CND District Vice Director Wang Yuwei and Yan Jun, as well as the responsible managers from relevant industrial parks were present at the seminar.

Mr. Fang Guoqiang, Vice Mayor of Changzhou Municipal People's Government, and Mr. Chao Kejian, Vice Director of Shanghai Jing'an District, delivered speeches respectively at the seminar.  Senior executive officials from regional headquarters of Fortune 500 companies located in Shanghai, well-known multinational corporations, intermediaries, chambers of commerce, famous consulting agencies and financial agencies were also present at the seminar. On behalf of CND, Mr. Fen Ji, director of CND Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai, made a presentation on the development of the existing 7 strategic industrial parks in CND, ranging from the chemical industry, photovoltaic industry, creative industry, biomedical industry, to the equipment manufacturing, aviation industry, modern agriculture and financial services. He elaborated blueprint for industrial development and advantages of CND.  Mr. Fen welcomed prestigious foreign entrepreneurs to visit CND. Many guests present at the seminar showed great interests in CND and highly claimed the positive influence by exploring information channels of CND.