FIPB Profile

This is the land to have your dream and glory turned into reality.

With the approval of the Administrative Committee of Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (CND), the Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau was set up for better integration of whole CND strengths and resources. In order to fit with actual situation at different period for investment promotion work, CND administration readjusted promotion organizational structure several times. Currently, there are 2 promotion bureaus based on foreign languages, 5 bureaus based on industrial sectors, plus delegating 3 economic and trade offices in Shanghai, Tokyo and HK. 

Since1992, about 1600 foreign-invested companies, of which 29 investors are among the Fortune 500 Strong Companies, have registered with CND administration, developing their business and realizing the expansion on business scope and scales on this land.  All those achievements are indispensible to the professional and effective service offered by the whole team of FIPB, which covers the whole processes from the project application, project approval and license application, to application for construction permission, to construction final acceptance processes. CND FIPB members are fully committed to acting as great assistant at your disposal whenever you will set foot on this fortune land in CND.